Easter Sunday.

Still in Austin on Easter Sunday, we celebrated with a hunt and Cascarones!


Toured Austin. Doesn’t that wheelchair look too small for Edda? In January, I called the wheelchair company and they couldn’t believe that I needed to buy a wheelchair, they insisted that they lasted at least 4-5 years. So I said OK and now I look at this photo and it looks too small to me…


A pedicab ride:




4 thoughts on “Easter Sunday.”

  1. Oh My the pedicab ride looks much more dangerous than it really is. Did Elianna get her cascarones or were they smushed by the time you got home?

  2. I don't know what I was thinking, but of course, they were totally smooshed. I know what you mean about the pedicab ride – it looks like you guys are about to head out onto a high speed freeway!

  3. you are so sweet to offer your old chair, but it's not that we can't get a new wheelchair or insurance won't cover it, it's just that the guy selling the wheelchair was like – really? most people call us every 5 years. I was really surprised because I'm thinking, aren't you suppose to be selling the wheelchairs? So confusing. Anyways on this trip I decided that even if it was too small, that I should use it until we just can't use it anymore because a bigger wheelchair will just be heavier. on another note – we should meet sometime regardless!

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