Mystery $10 present

So this is Doris’ birthday present to me. (Sorry for not getting it posted sooner, Doris) Laff the funny thing is that I knew what Doris was getting me before she did. She sent it from some website that’s gives out random gifts that are at retail, worth more than $10. So here it is. Thanks sis! It’s a “Le Pinch”. Some wind up toy that supposed to climb over books and stuff on a table. If I had a video iPhone, I would record a video of the thing in action, but sadly, I’ll wait until June. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mystery $10 present”

  1. they are releasing iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow (Thurs, 8 Apr 2010), hopefully with multitasking. I don't think they'll have the new iPhone out by june though……

    all iPhones have picture taking, but only iPhone 3GS has video as well.

  2. iPads have no camera.

    All iPhones have cameras.

    Sorry I meant July. and don't expect a _release_ of iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow. They will preview the release for developers and send out a beta SDK.

    Doris, laff. yeah, a charm bracelet wouldn't been weird. 🙂

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