I know, I’m a little behind the times.

I finally learned how to get photos off of my phone. I know I’m a little late to the party, but what can I say, I’m almost 40, I am an old dog. I got all excited a few weeks ago when I got my first photo “text” message because I didn’t know my cheap-o phone could do that, but apparently it can. Woo hoo. So this blog post, you are treated to terrible quality photographs, but at least there are some.


On Sunday, we drove into DC and went biking with the scouts on Beach Drive. On weekends, they close the road to traffic and you get to ride along a beautiful tree-lined road and next to what I assume to be Rock Creek. The spandex-clad folks with the fancy bikes were out in full force. We had to take 2 cars, but we managed to bring 2 adult bikes, 1 kid bike, 1 special needs trailer, 2 kids, 2 adults and 4 helmets. Who needs the freaking minivan?

Both adult bikes have large baskets and lots of headlights/tail lights for commuting in the dark. Kind of a pain for recreational riding and a pain to fit into the car.


Edda’s seating needs to be a little better. There isn’t enough side bolstering for her to sit straight up the whole time. Jeremy is considering putting her car seat into the trailer. Edda slept on the way out, on the way back, she needed a little bit of Barney played on Jeremy’s Crack-berry to keep her company.


Almost a year ago, I got Vince the next-sized-up bike at Goodwill for $20, but he is resisting going over to the hand brakes and gearing. A bunch of kids his age are on to bikes that are even bigger than the next-size-up bike. I could see him up near the front of the pack, pedaling ferociously to keep up with the leaders with the geared bikes.

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