No child left behind.


Vince has been engulfed in a three-day-long standardized test this week at school. You can read about the Terra Nova 2 test: here. All 2nd graders throughout the county take this standardized test and they have been preparing for more than a month. Every week, he got thick practice packets with little scantron bubbles to fill in with a number 2 pencil and we plowed through them all.


Vince also really wanted to participate in an after-school sports program which is sort of introduction to all sorts of sports. This show of enthusiasm was really surprising to me. He’s kind of been nervous about being on any sort of athletic team where there is a clear winner and clear loser. We even needed to get a mouth guard – a strange object in our house. Last week, he learned how to play flag football. This week it was baseball – he said he played “first plate”.


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  1. it just amazes me how your kids are gonna grow up and know that the interwebs has a record of their childhood. it's kind of amazing.

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