Little notes


  • Everyone back at school today. Shorts and skirts, it’s hot here. Edda’s in ballet’s 2nd position, it’s a wonder she doesn’t just tip over. (Now I look at the photo again, and it does appear that she is tipping over onto the couch).
  • Vacations (or any out of routine thing) seem to amplify Edda’s disabilities. While we were on vacation, I would have a little pangs of despair because even though we take Edda everywhere and try to help her have a good time and encourage her to interact with bubbles, Easter egg hunts, playing in the river, getting to know her cousins, I know she’d rather be watching Blue’s Clues in the comfort of our living room which somehow just kills me. When I’m in my regular routine, I don’t brood about it as much, mostly because of a self-preservation thing, but on vacation in the middle of nowhere, there is a lot of down time to think and brood.
  • Both Jeremy and I came home to boatloads of crap at work to do – I’m trying very hard to hold it together this week at work, it’s bursting at the seams. Jeremy is traveling this week and he had to attend two meetings over the phone while going through airports. One while waiting to leave DC, the other on the layover in Chicago. Blah, blah, blah.
  • Edda has not been falling asleep very well. A lot of screaming and yelling for about 90 minutes. It’s usually my job to put the kids to bed, but it has been trying for the past week or so. Maybe jet lag? Maybe reflux? Jeremy thinks Edda and I are arguing because often after 45 minutes of screaming and yelling, Jeremy takes over and not 3 minutes later, Edda’s asleep and sometimes so is Jeremy.
  • Eliana is taking an evening photography class so I’m letting her borrow my camera for a few weeks. I’m going back to the parent’s camera, the Kodak EasyShare C533. We’ll see what I can coax out of it.
  • The Strickers have the most beautiful and thoughtful home. Not super fancy, just well thought out and most of all clutter-free and very organized. Edda loved their house, a ranch style house on one level and nothing to trip over. Perfect Edda environment. Everything has a proper place (or as my mother says, it’s purple place) and I’m trying to figure out how to make our tornado of a house more like theirs which I know is completely hopeless. My goal this week is to hide the trash cans and the laundry baskets.
  • Taxes. Still haven’t finished them, but I think I can e-file early next week.
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    1. Edda is what she is – a lovely girl and needs a lot of help 🙂

      She shows up on our radar screen with good reasons (sometime, I wonder too)

      love …

    2. Thanks for the house compliment. But I think you are a bit tough on yourself. You obviously have forgotten what it looked like when Josh was 6 and 8 years old. He's 14 and there is a specific not entirely pleasant odor that comes from his room. Oh yeah, and I don't work full time and I have a housekeeper every other week.

    3. Yeah, sherah, I know, but you guys have that "neatness" gene that has somehow eluded our family. 🙂 You know all those Dwell magazines? They are on the floor in the middle of the master bedroom. Prime tripping spot.

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