Potato chips.

For no particular reason, I am in a bit of a funk. All day, I have wanted nothing more than to eat some potato chips (we did have some in the house, which is surprising – probably left over from a party). Jeremy came home and told me all about his super-fantastic-day and as we have a conservation of good moods (first law of moodiness) in our relationship, I told him that he sucked a bunch of feeling groovy mood from me to make his day super-fantastic. I am happy for that he had a super-fantastic day, but I want some of that good mood back.

Vince and Jeremy went to see How to Train Your Dragon tonight. Poor child, he’s the last kid on the block to see this movie, all the kids have been talking about this for weeks and finally we get our act together enough to take him to see it. We were hoping to invite a friend, but everyone (under 10) has seen it already.

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