Dog park.

I have not been able to make the dog park during the weekdays, my morning walk to drop the kids off at school puts me about 15 minutes late for the weekday gathering. I try and make it up to Ruby by making sure she gets to see her doggie friends on the weekend, I usually go by myself, but it was so nice this morning and everyone was up at 7:30 (me being the latest one up), we thought we’d make the dog park a family adventure. We were ready to make the dog park by 8:30 am. We scrambled to feed/dress the children (throw in a tantrum or two) and we were out the door at 8:20 am. We showed up at 8:34 am and everyone was leaving the dog park (boo!) because today was opening day for softball! Turns out, Vince knew a bunch of kids on the team, so he was excited to watch.


Edda was not as interested in the game, but enjoyed the nearby slide.


OK, maybe tomorrow Ruby.

I finished another knitting project. Will post photos after giftee receives it! I was a little nervous because this is how much yarn was left over (Lego figure for size reference, if you don’t know how big a Lego dude is, you don’t live in my part of the universe):


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