Seeing a lot of doctors.

Today I made the following appointments in the span of 15 minutes; a wellness check-up for Ruby, an orthodontist consult for Edda, eye check ups for Vince and me (at Costco!). I also placed a phone call to our health insurance to try and lobby for Edda to get pre-approved to go to an ophthalmologist (who has been recommended on a special needs email list I subscribe to and also has a three-month wait for an appointment) for her eye check-up rather than going to Costco like the rest of us, but it was a big FAIL. I knew that regular eye exams are not covered (which is why the rest of us are going to Costco), it’s only if you have an eye disease and then our insurance kicks in. I tried a number of different approaches, but I was shot down each time. It’s a small thing, but still irritating.

2 thoughts on “Seeing a lot of doctors.”

  1. I took Audric to see Dr. Marshall Keys on Congressional Lane about 2-3 years back. He doesn't accept any insurance and was supposedly the best in the area. The front office is snotty, really snotty, that I just didn't go back…but they offer a payment plan, if that's of interest. Then I took Audric to see Dr. Jafaar at the CNMC Rockville clinic and they accepted insurance, medical not vision. Dr. Jafaar didn't have much patience for Audric wiggling around, so we were recommended to go to see a vision therapy optometrist by his OT, so we trekked to DC and got a consult there…they don't accept insurance, but they do this big consult to test the eyes, developmentally. We followed up with a few therapy consults with Dr. Benshir in New Market, who wasn't bad and her front office is great! This probably doesn't help you, but to say that I've gotten opthalmologist and retinal specialist consults for me covered by my medical insurance if its a referral from the optometrist…sorry so long. I know what you mean though, it's still all a pain.

  2. Hmmm.. we are suppose to see Dr. Kelly A. Hutcheson at the Children's branch in Rockville. I think I'll just make an appointment and just wing it.

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