And the week continues.

I am still a little wound up today, I’m trying to dial down my anxiety a notch. It’s mainly about work, but I’m also trying to diet to lose the 5-7 pounds that make my pants too tight and the diet compounds the anxiety. It feels like I haven’t really left the house since Monday and I get a little twitchy if I’m in the house too much.

It’s not really true that I haven’t left the house, I went to Edda’s IEP meeting which was really just a formality to add the eye-gaze computer stuff to next year’s IEP goals. We gathered Edda’s teacher, the AAC person from the county, the principal and assistant principal of the school and a reading specialist and me at the meeting which was held in the principal’s office. A little surprised to have all these people there – of course, the principal had never heard of eye-gaze communicators, she runs a school of 500 typical kids and maybe 8 or 10 special needs kids, so it was fun explaining it to her. The principal is a hoot, I had never met her before this particular IEP meeting, very fun and engaging and extremely supportive of everything that goes on in Edda’s classroom and also encourages a lot of mixing back and forth between the typical classrooms and the special needs classrooms.

I’m very excited to tell you that RSRT has somehow managed to get their hands on a YAZ plaque signed by Vince Clarke and are auctioning it off to raise funds for research on Rett. I’m a huge Erasure fan, how do you think we decided on Vince’s name? (just kidding!) Bidding is over $1000, pretty impressive. Ahh, memories of 1988! I wish we could have gotten our hands on Obama’s old car..

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  1. I sometime think the special needs children in USA are very lucky! the school system is so good and helpful. Not like us, I am still trying to find stuff for Natasha so she can learn things or get help. the school here will not do that for us.
    Really hope one day we can have the special needs education system like USA.


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