Friday night round-up.

  • Jeremy is covered in hives. After he gets any sort of cold, as he’s recovering, his whole body turns into one big itchy swollen hive. It’s getting worse now, he wasn’t even really that sick this time, at least not enough to tell me and this is day 3 of the post-sickness hive reaction. Poor guy.
  • I haven’t been in the mood to take photos. I’m not really sure why except for the fact that I’ve really been busy. So no photos today. I have been searching all day for the perfect snack. I have not been able to figure out what it is…
  • Vince is so odd to me sometimes, he’s so much more social than either me or Jeremy. This weekend, he’s planning, pretty much on his own, his own party (with a theme: Lego) for 3 or 4 pals. He has activities planned, lunch planned, things that both Jeremy and I are suppose to do for the party; the first of which was to email the invites. Last night, we sent out the emails and we got all these replys which indicated that the parents had already heard about the party via their own kids’ excitement from Vince’s own hype during school that day.
  • Edda has been sleeping better these days, I think the Prevacid has been helping, especially with the falling asleep part. And her gut seems to be moving smoothly. I’ve been encouraged by her improvement to reach out and grasp something this year, I’m wondering if I should try and help her relearn how to finger feed. That would be a biggie.
  • Ruby passed her off-leash test in our fair city last weekend. Jeremy bragged that she was the best of the bunch. I think she got some BBQ as a reward for passing the 2nd year in a row!
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    1. Oh man, I feel bad for Jeremy. I get hives sometimes when i go running when the weather changes (cholinergic urticaria, Tash diagnosed!)…. it's the worst thing ever. I expend every ounce of mental effort to not scratch, and every time i break and scratch it's like the most amazing feeling ever.

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