Back from a quick trip to NYC.

Just got back from 2 days and 1 night in NYC. I went with a girlfriend to see a pal act in a play called Glass in the East Village. They performed at the Downtown Urban Theatre Festival . The play was excellent and it was so fascinating to me to be somewhere where I usually am not – eating sushi at 11:30 at night in the middle of NYC with a bunch of theater types.


Lots of walking and eating – I love that in NYC you can walk 10 minutes in any direction and have 17 different places to eat at – Mexican, Ethiopian, French, Italian, Japanese, Afghan, etc. I loved some of the cheapest and fastest places we at at – Pinkberry (frozen yogurt) and Moaz (falafel).


Got my very first ever manicure, my girlfriends got pale pink (very subtle), but I decided to go dramatic – fire engine red! I love them and I also smeared them 10 minutes after I left the shop.


Saw a great Broadway show about a bipolar suburban mom and I cried and cried for a whole three hours.


And I did some knitting!


2 thoughts on “Back from a quick trip to NYC.”

  1. First ever manicure! Just wait until you get a pedi. When I die heaven will have unlimited pedicures!

  2. I texted Donald after getting the manicure because I was all excited about it and he told me that even he has gotten a manicure before me. I suspected as much.

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