Our Second Leg Trip in Kinman Island & Back in Taipei

Here are several picturs to share:

1) Our cousin (on my top), the Field General of Kinmen War, who defeated the Chinese Communist Army for the first time since the start of Chinese Civil War, established the foundation for today’s separation of Taiwan & China.
2) Mom in front of a F-86 used during the Korean War & later wars in Kinmen.
3) One ancestor and the side walk.
4) An old Chinese window with turnable stone shades.
5) The highest point in Kinmen Island. The orginial sculptures by a Ming General were erased to make room for the the new one by Chiang KS 🙂
6) Mom with her brother’s kids’ family. His elder daughter (first right). His elder son (standing tall). His second son on the left.
Tomorrow, we are going to have a high school mini-reunion of mine. On May 6, we are flying to Shanghai.

4 thoughts on “Our Second Leg Trip in Kinman Island & Back in Taipei”

  1. All I know and do not mentioned before is that:

    Even humber of shades is for Ying window. Odd number is for Yang window. They can't be misplaced or it will bring misfortune to the family.

    This house is belonged to a Chinese family who made a fortune in Indonesia. The house is huge and well built. It even has a gun tower in the front and he also built a school nearby. It has teacher's quarter equipped with kitchens.

    I don't know what is for, sorry.

  2. The patterns on the wall in the last picture were from IKEA, I guess it is a favorate place for Jeremy's sister-in-law 🙂

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