Caterpillar project.

Last weekend, before the Lego party, Vince put together a model of a caterpillar for school. I remember spending many enjoyable afternoons during my youth putting together these types of projects and I had to suppress my urge to help Vince too much to make the caterpillar perfect. I love having projects which can be made “perfect” unlike pretty much anything else in life where one has to acknowledge that perfection is never attainable. I did introduce Vince to the hot glue gun, which is the best invention ever!



Our own live caterpillar experiment has ended as well. The moth did end up breaking out of its cocoon. You can kind of see the exit hole:


But we didn’t let it go fast enough, I figure that the poor thing needs to find food soon after emerging as it has used up all its energy to do the transformation, so it died. I think we are having a little burial ceremony sometime this weekend. This is the moth (who is dead) that we perched on top of a slice of watermelon to try and “revive” it.


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  1. I think perfection is too much pressure. However, you and Jeremy are about as perfect as parents can be. The evidence is your kids. They are pretty perfect. I was just commenting about both of you last night to Jack and Suz. Jack took your old job at UT Doris and he sorta knew jeremy because they'd both worked at AMD. Suz knows someone at Berkley that knows Jeremy. I think "the someone" is a woman and works for Jeremy's think tank but in Berkley. The world sure is small. And, not perfect.

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