Play day!

I went to Edda’s school today for Play Day (i.e. Field Day w/o the competition part)! Actually, I only had time to go in for lunch, so I missed all games in the morning. Edda had a nice time running around and playing with all the K-2 kids (I saw the photos!). When I got there, I saw a couple of very wet dad volunteers who had signed up to get soaked with garden hoses by the kids; since it was only about 55 F degrees today, they wore raincoats and rain pants and gamely got sprayed endlessly by small children. Nice.

I know I’ve said before that visiting Edda’s school always seems bittersweet for me, but not this time. I had a BLAST! There were a few 5th grade volunteers who helped out during the morning games.


I got to order lunch from the cafeteria, the infamous, Chips Ole. I miss the school lunches of my youth – where you got a real tray with separate compartments and nothing was packaged. Oh well.


I had a blast because all the kids made me smile. I struggled a lot with Edda’s kindergarten placement as I know lots of parents do, but Edda’s classroom is so full of love, fun, wackiness and great kids, it was nice to get to hang out today with them. Edda is in a self-contained special needs classroom, but all during lunch, kids from the typical classroom filtered in and out (kids who had signed up on some sign up sheet), bringing cupcakes for a birthday celebration, dancing the Cotton Eye Joe, laughing at the McDonald’s filet o fish song and holding everyone’s hands and laughing and laughing. (Yes, Edda was asleep during the first 10 minutes of lunch…)



When I see these typical kids giving up their recess to hang out with a bunch of special needs kids, I get all verklepmt. I hope their mothers know how much their children mean to Edda and me!

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  1. Oh my Gosh what great posts! I hope Edda's teachers see your blog so they know how pleased you are with her placement. And, THE TILE looks sooooo good. I think the white is fantastic. It looks very mArta Stewart meets Dwell. I really, really like it. You guys did such a good job. Did you do it or hire someone? Was it hard to do. Enough to consider getting it for myself. I do think they should give it a better name though. It's so much nicer than something down in the black grimy, subways. Lots of things need better names i.e. subway tile, urinal.

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