Tile installation and new glasses.

We are so boring, it almost kills me. Yes, we got the plain white subway tiles for the back splash. This only took three weeks for us to decide – which included ordering samples from a least 3 online tile places and going to 2 tile shops in person. Our decision making process is so overwrought that sometimes it amazes me that Jeremy and I ever got our wits about us enough to decide at the same time that we should get married.



In contrast to the dragged out time it took us to pick the tile out, I picked out my eyeglass frames in about 5 minutes as I needed to get back to work and Vince was whining, whining and (what else?) oh yeah, whining. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see so clearly, it’s AMAZING. Now the only thing I am suffering from is that the eyeglass arms are just a schoch too tight so that my head feels like it has been grabbed with a set of tweezers all day.


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