Putting theory into action.


This past weekend, Jeremy took our new drill and put a new wooden gate on our outside deck. Now Edda can enjoy the deck without someone standing guard at the top of the stairs – which will be awesome for when we grill and want to keep the sliding glass door open. Although it now occurs to me that it’ll be kind of a pain for the kids who tromp up and down the stairs during the cookout and I’ll have to remind them a million times to shut the gate. Oh well. It is what it is. Maybe we’ll have to install a self-shutting mechanism. No matter! We revel in our wooden gate glory!

It’ll also be nice for Ruby because she can be left out sunning herself on the porch without disappearing. When she disappears from the deck, it’s usually because she wants to be let back in and for whatever reason, she leaves the deck and goes to the front door and waits for someone to let her in. This usually freaks out the person who let Ruby sun herself out on the back porch who ends up yelling “Ruby, Ruby!” all over the backyard before coming back into the the house and opening the front door for a “Ruby!” yell and she’s just sitting there – looking at you expectantly.


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