A week behind on posts.

We are in the middle of the night time routine. Jeremy is reading aloud “The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle“. Edda is still awake at 9:30pm! I’m a little nervous about this long weekend, we don’t have very much planned and everyone else has plans – so maybe we’ll be a little stir-crazy. This morning, I had wanted to see SATC2, but it got such terrible reviews, maybe I won’t.

I am a week behind posting about our lives. Vince hosted his party last week. He was very excited.


The highlight of the party was the screening of Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers, a straight to DVD full length Lego movie.

Jeremy made the cake and pizza. Here he is manning the oven.


He got new glasses, I told him he looked like Steve Jobs (but I just looked up photos of Mr. Jobs and he doesn’t have black framed glasses). Anyhow, Jeremy said that he was chubbier, had more facial hair and more head hair than Mr. Jobs. So other than that, it’s they are EXACTLY the same. Two white guys in black turtlenecks. I don’t think Steve Jobs makes his own pizza (from scratch!).


There were a few kids who did not like pizza, so PB&Js and Ramen were made, but very little of it all was eaten. Although we did notice that Ruby managed to snitch half the sandwich when no one was around the table. I think Ruby is so good at stealing food from the table and we are so forgetful about what we leave on the table that Ruby probably gets another full meal from leftovers left on the table.


3 thoughts on “A week behind on posts.”

  1. I was thinking the same thing about SATC2 until I heard the reviews. We don't have anything planned this weekend either, so I'm nervous, too. And, I want to avoid the crowds as much as possible, so I'm really limiting myself, hahaha. Love Edda's green m&m pjs!

  2. @Nita – yes we are still on!

    @amy – I don't like the crowds either, which means a lot of home time.. I really should just clean.

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