Edda has a tough time falling asleep.

8:00 pm


Edda has been having a tough time falling asleep for the past three or four months. She can be happy all day and then as soon as she lies down, the whimpering, the crying and the fussing starts (yes, we have her on reflux medicine). Sometimes it can last up to 90 minutes.


I usually lie next to Edda and we listen to our good night music and I try not to lose my patience (or my mind). Vince has learned not to ask me about anything if Edda’s in one of these moods. I’ve snapped at him a number of times when he’s asking about not having toilet paper or pouting about my failure to pull together a John Lennon or Paul McCartney costume for the next day at school (really.). Finally, I’ve had to tell him that when Edda’s having a rough evening that I’m really on edge and not a friendly person and therefore he should only interact with me if he finds the kitchen on fire.


Sometimes I’ll be struggling to put Edda to bed and Jeremy will have finished up the downstairs chores and he’ll head upstairs and trade places with me and then Edda’ll sigh and turn and fall asleep. Then I feel a little bad. But Jeremy’s magic touch doesn’t always work.

Finally asleep (9:30 pm).


4 thoughts on “Edda has a tough time falling asleep.”

  1. Try to have a light and early dinner for Edda. If medice does not work, stop it for a while. In Edda's case, try and error may be the method to find it out. But, I am not a medical doctor.

    Hope Edda is getting better soon.

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