Summer pool.


I have been dragging my feet for 2 summers now and have not joined a neighborhood pool. Jeremy really doesn’t like pools (or the beach for that matter), he gets sunburned and he likes to putter around at home and there is really no puttering around at a pool. So I understand that going to the pool would mainly be for me and the kids (or on work days, Eliana and the kids). In the past, I haven’t liked taking both kids by myself to the pool because 1. Vince couldn’t really swim and he was fearless and I couldn’t track him that well with me taking care of Edda and 2. Edda does not love the water like 95% of Rett girls. So on two counts, it was a hassle. But this year, Vince has swum a lot in camps and can at least swim 20 yards and Edda is more patient and less prone to screaming in the middle of an outing, so this year, I am prepared. There are 3 neighborhood pools and I followed the recommendation of our neighbor and went to the smaller one with a little more shade (which I know my parents will say WHAT!?! because it isn’t the pool we’ve ALWAYS gone to and where I learned to swim myself).

Edda did what she does when faced with something she doesn’t want to do. She fell asleep. We did manage to get about 15 minutes of swim time in with Edda. As predicted, she did not seem to like it that much.


We are “trying out” the pool, but I had a really nice time there today – we ran into three families from the neighborhood and Vince found pals he recognized. And Edda will learn to LOVE the pool. Maybe. At least dangling her legs into the pool was pretty OK today.


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