Rehoboth beach.


Jeremy and I are not huge fans of the beach, but this year we decided to give the shore vacation a try. Families rave about going to the beach year after year and Edda seemed to love the water, especially at the shore. For weeks, I’ve been telling friends that this finally was Edda’s vacation, something she would love and really, really enjoy. Was it a success? Sort of. Vince and pal loved the beach, we got to spend time away from work and with family. However, it was brutally hot and Edda did not love it as much as I thought she would which was a disappointment to me (and to her too probably). We also would have loved it more if they could invent sunscreen that was not so disgusting to put on.

When I complained about how much we were hauling to the beach, my brother, Donald chided that perhaps I did not need to pack the hugh tub of cheese balls.


Edda – a little unsure.


Jellyfish everywhere – but no one got stung!


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