Vacation at the beach. And the ER.


We’ve been at the beach for the past week – this was our first beach vacation and was very nice in many ways – however, I’m going to start our beach blog with these pictures of Vince in the ER at Rehoboth.


Vince swallowed a quarter after lunch on Friday. As far as emergencies go, this was a low-priority emergency, I’m not sure it wasn’t even qualified as an “emergency” – but where else is there to go after swallowing a quarter? I was really mad at him for doing something so toddler-like. What is an eight-year-old doing with a quarter in his mouth? There was an X-ray taken which confirmed that the quarter passed the esophageal sphincter and the quarter was happily settled into the stomach. The doctor told us that once the quarter was in the stomach, it would be smooth sailing from there on out (so to speak).

The community hospital was fabulous, we were in and out in about 1.5 hours and we are just waiting for the quarter to be pooped out. (No, we are not going to look for it.)

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