Fishing in WA

Yesterday, we bought two licenses for fishing. Here in WA, there is no senior rate, not like SC where people over 65, no fishing license is required. Besides, we bought a lot of other fishing stuffs. We spent a lot.

This morning, we went to nearby fishing hole and tried to catch some fish to fill our freezer (dreaming but not purchase yet). Just five (5) minutes passed, no fish in sight to take a bit. Mom decided to change place to Bonneville Dam, about 20 miles to the east. There we talked to two fish men. They showed us a lot and, enthusiastically & willingly, passed their experiences on how to catch steel heads, salmons & shads. Guess what, we need to change all our bites and gears to suit its needs. In short, keep spending more.

Mom is particularly interested in shads. Now, no one here would like to consume them (too much small bones.) But, it was a life saver for the starving and under-nourished troops of General George Washington along the Delaware River during the American Revolution. It may turned the tide against British army.

Anyway, shad is a priced-fish in Mom’s native hometown, Shanghai. It can fetch US$150.00 per fish. Here, it has millions upon millions of them in May & June near the Bonneville Dam exit. Talking about trade deficit – shads may help a little 🙂 Therefore, we paid special interest on the type of bait they use. We will definitely fish here for shads next year in May and/or June.

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  1. Mom & I went out yesterday to buy more fishing gears. There were quite expensive and added up. No wonder, one of our friends joked that, based on his experience, it is much easier using baits, sinkers, special hooks to exchange fish at fishing holes instead of fishing yourself.

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