Catching up.

I have not been a good little blogger this week. I suffered this week from a prolonged fit of anxiety. It has been hard for me to pin down exactly why I have this adrenaline-like anxiety. I hasn’t been very bad, it just feels like I’m about to interview for a job or like I’m about to stand in front of the class and give a speech about turtles or “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I can still work, still cook dinner, still tuck the kids into bed and still talk to other people in a sane way. All good.

Jeremy has been traveling all week again. I miss him. He talks more than the rest of us combined. It’s hard to have a conversation with yourself at night.

I have been sleeping each night with the kids. In the past, I’ve hauled an extra mattress from the basement into the kids’ room, but this time, I just scoot Edda over and we share her twin bed. It’s very crowded, but Edda is pretty good about giving me half of the twin. Vince asked if one night I could sleep with him – but I had to turn him down because he spins around like the hands of a clock during the night. Not the most restful situation.  Edda and I both sleep better in the same bed. I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night when she wakes and she also sleeps later with a warm body next to her.

Vince has been having trouble with spelling. I have known this for many years (OK, well like 18 months, I don’t think he’s been spelling for many years), but I have been ignoring this. Every night we drill word wall words. It is really difficult to spell words like “one”, “pour”, “could” and “said”. One forgets how hard it is to learn to spell the English language.


3 thoughts on “Catching up.”

  1. Just take it easy and do not worry. Vince's spelling will be OK. My spelling is awful and the "WORD" helps very well. Take a hot bath before go to bed. Life is full of routings and I treat doing house works as a part of exercise or as part of YOGA practice. So I feel good if I can do all those routings. It will be very bad if I could not do those routings. Love always. Mom

  2. I get anxiety too sometimes. Like when I was going to have to change insurance and deal with the people and paper work. Not really a big deal but it made me anxious. Change will give me anxiety. I think it is normal. I hope so anyway. You hang in there. Tell Vince to sing or bang on a table like a drum, his words when he is spelling them. Getting a rythm can help with memorization. That helps alot of kids.

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