Happy blog-anniversary!


It has been 8 years since I started this blog! We had just landed in Taiwan and Vince was 4-month-old. So much has happened since then…

8 thoughts on “Happy blog-anniversary!”

  1. Yes, I am 6 years older. I have worked on our yard for the past several weeks. My fingers, hands, elbowa & knees are all hurting and in pain. I don't want to believe I am that old. But, I am.

    I have no other choices but to stop and, hopefully, after several days of rest, everything is an "OKAY"

  2. Happy blog anniversary, Doris, and thank you for giving us all a glimpse into your life. Vince and Edda have such a beautiful, funny, and poignant scrapbook of their childhood thanks to 'Just Regular Folks'!

  3. It is a very good picture.

    Happy anniversary to the "Just Regular Folks". However, every picutrue is special and wonderful from the regular folks.

  4. You guys are the best fans ever! I am so lucky to have you all in my life and that you care enough to show up at my blog… Smoochie!

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