More Pictures to Share

There are four more pictures from West Coast to share:

1) Mom & a rose from our backyard – we were absent about 8 months but the roses still grew by themselves.
2) Our amazing house flowers – after 8 months without any water, Mom started to water them 2 weeks ago, It had 5 flowers like these three already. Very pretty.
3) Hiking on a bridge at La Camas Lake, Camas, WA
4) Hiking on a trail around the lake, Lost Lake, OR with Mt. Hood (white, tall one in the middle) in the background.

One thought on “More Pictures to Share”

  1. Yesterday, on the way back, we stopped by the Indian Place for wild salmons. It was $4.00 a pound with small back fin intact which means it was not hatched – it is wild. A salmon was about $20.00. I checked out today with the local UPS about shipping back to Rockville and Donald's place. Unfortunately, besides there is no container to hold the fish, the price is also pretty expensive.

    We may try to ship some vacuum-packed smoke salmons from those Indian place instead 🙂

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