Oregon Coast

Last week days, we went to the coast of Oregon. Here are several pictures to share.

1) Fort Clatsop (re-built) in which Lewis & Clark stayed for 4 months in Winter before heading back to the east next Spring. As part of demonstration, a volunteered lady actually fired an antique rifle in front of all visitors. Boy, it was tedious to prepare and really loud, not like modern guns.
2) A stream with built-in fish ladders. As engineers, we couldn’t quite figure out why? There is no dam, no obstacle along the stream in sight?
3) Mom in front of Tillamook Cheese factory, there were a lot of cheese in that factory. Their no sugar ice cream was delicious.
4) Mom in front of a Mig-17 in the Air Museum of Tillamook.
5) Mom inside the museum. It was built using wood entirely in World War II because steel was scarce and there were a lot of timbers in the Pacific Northwest. It still is the single largest wood structure in the world. It was a hanger to house 6-7 blimps which patrolled up and down the coast to spot Japanese submarines. The blimp could stay up for 48 hours at 50 miles/hr and, amazingly, this hanger was completed within 29 days. These days, a “green” report probably would take up 29 years or, maybe, longer.
6) Mom and the sand buggy she rode in.
7) The sand buggy on its way along the Oregon Coast line.
8) Mom, sand buggy and sand, more sand 🙂
Well, the weather was very cool along the coast – see Mom’s jacket. May be, we will take another short trip to the mountains in WA this week. But, no during the weekend.
Mom is thinking that, if next year summer time, all the kids plus rubby can come here. It must have more fun and less heat 🙂

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