Power outage.

It’s been CRAZY around here. On Sunday afternoon, we lost power to the house via the incredibly intense storm system that blew through the DC area. We saw the huge blue flashes of light (I thought the house was exploding) as a branch crossed two above ground uninsulated lines right in front of our house and shorted them out.

We spent the first night at home hoping for the power to be restored quickly, but now it’s day 3 of power outage and we are trying to figure out what to do with Little the tadpole who is now living in murky unfiltered water and the puddle of sticky melted Popsicle on the kitchen floor. We’ve managed to move base camp to Gaithersburg – here’s Jeremy email that he sent to family:

So we filled up our coolers with everything from our fridge and freezer, packed up all our electronics and chargers, and headed west! Just like the settlers, we put a sign on our wagon train reading “Gaithersburg or bust!” 10 minutes later (they fixed all the traffic lights on Rte 28) we were there. What a nice campsite while we wait for them to restore our power. I am working in the dining room, and Eliana is taking care of the kids in the family room. The AC is working its way down from 85. It’s 84 now, but we’ll get there.

However, our Gaithersburg locale lost power last night which made me feel extra stupid because we spent a bunch of time moving stuff from our house to Gaithersburg. I don’t get off work because of power outages, I could either take leave or go into Alexandria, so I’ve been going into work for the past two days and showering at work. We are hoping that power will be up tonight.

It’s now 10:43 pm and we are back at the house! Home sweet home. Pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Well that makes sense. I'd been wondering why no post from you. We talked to scott's dad yesterday and he said it was almost 105 in area of Maryland the last few days. We haven't even hit a 100 yet. I don't know about this climate change stuff but something is seriously off when it is cooler in July in Texas (and rainy) than it in Maryland. Seriously, it is 4:00 in the afternoon and only 84 degrees. It's been this way all summer but I'm not complaining, it's that it is just weird.

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