40th Wedding Anniversary

I guess I have slow Internet link therefore pictures above are blur.

Anyway, two Sundays ago, it was our 40th wedding anniversary. We had a quite and wonderful day together and alone. That evening, we went to “Salty’s on the Columbia” for dinner. The view was good but not as good compared to the upstream of “Best Western” place just south of Bonneville Dam on the Oregon side or Skamania Lodge on the north shore of Stevenson, WA. The seafood there was delicious but a bit pricey. The restaurant was almost packed, no recession there 🙂
Last Saturday, Mom would like to invite her long time family friend as well as her son Richard from Chicago en route to CA via Vancouver, Canada to have dinner there. Their family was the one that we had Doris’ graduation dinner together in Boston, MA. Doris & Donald, remember that? The one majored in Mathematics. Yes, we dined together but, eventually, they paid the bill in the very traditional Chinese and/or oriental way. You know, everyone rushes to pay the bill with no good reason. The waiter was caught in between. But, I guess that restaurant has a lot of Vietnamese American customers, they probably use to it.
I ordered a tuna fish steak. It was about 4 ounces, raw and at $32.00 each without side dishes. I didn’t know it was raw and I couldn’t believe that I ate the “whole thing”. Afterward, I did feel that I had a lot of salmonella and/or mercury inside my body. But, the taste wasn’t bad at all but this will be the last time. Believe me. I am not a fan of raw seafood.
Oh, on the other subject, we bought 10 cubic yard of Hemlock mulch. It was dumped on our driveway and it was a large mound. I worked diligently for the past week to tidy our backyard with mulch.
Next year, when we come back here for the spring, summer and fall, we will order a chicken coop & chichs to raise 4-6 of them. Mom has high hope that we can have a lot eggs and enjoy our chicks before we leave here in late fall. Well, next year ???

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