Edda has been slowly outgrowing her wheelchair. Knobby knees point out in all directions. A nice lady stopped us while we were shopping at Target and asked if we’d like her daughter’s old wheelchair. We said sure! And she dropped it off at our house. Purple-y goodness.


Hold on baby –

Edda has been having some success with improving her gripping skills in OT this year. We still have very little hand use, no finger feeding, no sippy cup holding, no pointing, poking. Edda’s best gripping position has always been this:


Edda has slowly improved her grip time to more than 2 minutes, which was pretty much unthinkable a year ago. We all love Deb, our OT:


Happiness after a workout:


Practicing turkey.


We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Jeremy and Vince are determined to practice for Thanksgiving, most importantly, trying to perfect the gravy (which we have never been able to do in the past because you only usually get one shot and then it’s all over and we usually don’t get it to thicken just right). So Jeremy declared that we are going to roast a turkey (or part of a turkey) every week until Thanksgiving. I usually eat turkey only once a year, it is strange to eat it on a Monday night in the middle of September, but whatever makes you happy sweetie!

Eliana asked what a turkey was (apparently turkey consumption is not high in Columbia). Vince asked if she remembered that big black bird outside the house eating the dead road kill squirrel a few months ago. I told him that was a turkey VULTURE and not the turkey we were eating. Vince said, yeah, I know, but it’s like almost the same.

Learning to swim.

Vince is an adequate swimmer. However, he is easily distracted and excitable and when he is swimming he has sometimes found himself in deeper water than he’d like to be in and a little panic sets (for him and me) in which leads to some flailing (him) which is not completely reassuring (me). Sometimes I wish he was a little bit more cautious and concerned with self-preservation, but we can’t all be fearful, otherwise we’d all be stuck in our houses picking our teeth.

So swim lessons, again and hopefully not forever, we are not trying to make the swim team, we are just trying not to drown. An admirable goal, I think.


That hair is driving me crazy. But he won’t let me touch it. And I promised myself when I had kids I wouldn’t mess with their hair. At least he should use a swim cap to keep it out of his eyes, but I forgot to pack it.


Lessons in the exact same pool I learned to swim in. Ahhh, nostalgia.


My sins and regrets.

This weekend, Vince and I participated in the tashlikh ritual which is part of the Jewish new year. You take a piece of bread, which symbolizes last year’s regrets or sins:


And cast them into a flowing body of water, which symbolizes asking for forgiveness from past sins – hope that God will overlook our failings during the past year and grant us favor in the year to come.


Keeping busy.

I have been working hard at keeping busy this weekend. I made three cakes from scratch this weekend – I used almost 2 pounds of butter and who knows how many egg whites.


In times of need, one always can turn to homemade food.


Jeremy shared his kitchen space with me this weekend – I’m not the cook in the relationship, I do not spend loads of time making goodies for the family. While I was making cake, he was grinding meat for burgers. Vince likes a slice of raw onion on his burger – weird.


One day at a time.


Edda (in her jogging stroller), me and Ruby ran to the dog park this morning. A whole half mile there and a whole half mile back. Trot, trot, trot. We are the slowest runners this side of the Mississippi. Trot, trot, trot. My goal (as always) is to run 20 minutes everyday and (as always) to eat healthier.


I usually go to the dog park by myself and leave the other human family members at home (because at the early hour in the morning, Jeremy remains under caffeinated and the kids are usually in their underwear), but I thought today that Edda might like wandering around the field and seeing all the doggies. I have been feeling a little bit down about how much time Edda spends at home. I have to re-resolve to bring her out and about more. Edda enjoyed it a lot more than I thought she would. A lot of the doggies came up to Edda and licked her hands and said hello.