Halloween parades.

I went to the kids’ Halloween parties/parades yesterday. Vince was Luke Skywalker


Edda showed off her Big Bird-ness at the parade.


Her classroom party was nice – I met a lot of other parents and the kids were nice – although Edda was asleep the whole time I was in the classroom.


I ate her Halloween donut for her.


Even though everyone was very welcoming and nice in Edda’s class and everyone knew her and wanted to help her play Bingo and make her crafts and admired her costume, these parties sometimes wear on my soul. I left a little early and drove around town to find some french fries to eat to make me feel a little happier. I came home about an hour later to 2 happy kids and water flooding the basement. Yes. Water was flooding the basement from an improperly installed pipe. We ran around like headless chickens looking for the water main which we found, but not without freaking out and making some areas of the basement very, very wet.

2 thoughts on “Halloween parades.”

  1. Love all these pictures. Halloween/fall is such a great time of year. Apples, weather changing, leaves falling off the trees. Keep those photos coming.

    So sorry about you leak!!!!

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