Often people ask me about Edda’s neuro, gastro, ortho, etc. and I like to say that we have none! (Which is not entirely true… because we do have some that we’ve seen, just none that we like and want to go back to).


So now that we’ve decided that Edda has seizures, we finally got Edda into see our local (new to us, but not new to other Rett Syndrome families) neuro and after some discussion (without Edda’s input as she was asleep) we got a script for Keppra. We started her first dose last night and for the first time since August, she slept through the night which is AWESOME, but she’s been tipsy, tipsy on her feet all day. We’ll see how it goes.

I love our new neurologist. He’s a keeper. He’s also in the same building as our primary care doctors, so I multitasked and got the adults all their flu shots right before the neuro appointment. Gotta take advantage.


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