I am always amazed at how quickly kids can learn stuff. It only seemed like yesterday Vince was learning to count – today, he’s learning about graphing data. I wish I could learn at the rate he is learning; I’m just trying not to lose the stuff I already know.

A sample of Vince’s homework. Don’t the answers seem not to be the right ones for the question? Also, what the hell is a stem and leaf plot? Vince had to teach me that one.

One thought on “Math.”

  1. Girl just wait until jr high and high school. I got no idea what Josh is talking about pretty much most of the time!!!

    Stretchy pants are a girl thing like when our husband or boyfriend is out of town. So is eating ice cream from the carton and watching movies they'd never watch. It's a girl thang. Just feed some oranges for the roughage issues if ya know what I mean.

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