Out of town.

Jeremy’s been out of town most of the past week and as usual, our diet suffered considerably while he was gone. No one starved, but I’m often reduced to having Honey Nut Cheerios for at least two of my meals each day and the kids are down to mac/cheese, ravioli, oatmeal and glasses of milk. Oh, throw a banana or two in there and maybe a bag of microwave popcorn and that’s what we’ve been eating for 3-4 days. I also have this terrible habit of leaving Edda in her stretchy pants (which were used as PJ) and leaving them on all day. I actually went to the park with the kids with Edda still in them. Not the best look ever.


I know I should make Edda the most fashionable one us all – but somehow on Saturday, I ran out of inspiration. I think I may have been in some stretchy pants myself. Oh well.


Vince’s hair is so long now, it’s hard to get a photo where you can see his eyes.


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