Dog mania continues.

Notice chewed-through leash on cute dog.


Maxi is a handful – it’s a little louder around the house (she likes to bark more than Ruby ever did). I will not lie, I do not like standing out in the front yard in my pajamas in the cold and dark waiting for a dog to pee. Before Maxi, Jeremy and I would alternate nights we would take care of Edda. It guaranteed you at least a good night’s sleep every other night – if you wanted to display your selflessness and get some extra credit in the marriage luuuuvvv bank, you could do a double shift (two nights in a row). Now that we have a puppy, each night you get to pick between Maxi duty or Edda duty and no one is getting any sleep. Then grouchy-ness set in from both sides and it is no good! No good! You need at least one fully-rested person to be the one who tells the jokes, makes funny comments and purposely wear mismatched socks as a means of rebelling against the corporate tyranny/political morass/general-life-unfairness so the days don’t slide into one complaint after another.


Edda just loves the dog park. Makes me think that we need to adopt 17 dogs and get more land and just have animals around to nuzzle up to Edda. Not only did Edda commune with the animals, she even did some self-imposed physical therapy and spent some time slowly making her way up the hill at the park (can you see the white speck in the photo below? Edda likes to exit, whenever we are in a room, she always walks towards the nearest exit, so really, she’s just trying to find the exit door of the park.) Now if we could only get the dogs to stop peeing on the wheelchair/stroller when we are not paying attention.


2 thoughts on “Dog mania continues.”

  1. Yes, animal do help our kids, Natasha is so great with our new cat, these 2 play like sisters :-)but the little kitten also very handful! but we all enjoy with the new cat (Mei Mei)
    we are also thinking about later when we move back to Denmark (who knows when?) we will have a farm house with a lot of cats and dogs and open a pet hotel, so Natasha can have something to do, not only play games and watching TV!


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