Knife Skills.


Vince learned how to use a pocketknife last night.  It just about killed me to hand over a brand-new-extra-sharp Swiss Army knife and just watch him go after a bar of soap with said sharp knife.  Vince is kind of fearless with a knife.  It took a lot of willpower for me to let him finish carving out his bear from soap.  I know this is just a taste of the fear I will feel when he learns to drive (only 8 more years!  halfway there!).


We did have a chance to move to wood and the assignment was to turn the square profile into a round profile.  Unfortunately, Maxi found the stick and chewed it up before any home whittling was done and maybe it’s just as well.


I have been watching this over and over again.

2 thoughts on “Knife Skills.”

  1. Hahaha, it's good that he's learning knife skills. That means it'll be safer in the future (when you can't watch him). Also, sets the stage for cooking…..

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