I have been so busy with work and household/family obligations that my hobbies have been shoved to the side – this includes photography and blogging, knitting and reading for pleasure. I am a firm believer that I should carve out a few minutes a day to enjoy these hobbies, they don’t need to be ambitious or serious. However, I’ve been going down the ambitious path – starting War and Peace 17 times, or knitting projects that involve careful counting of stitches and referencing charts. This leads to no progress and pretty much no pleasure. I haven’t been able to finish a knitting project in a long, long time – so this week I decided that I needed to do a project with 100% chance of finishing. So I hauled out the chunky yarn and basically knit a circle. Then I took a photo of it. And for kicks, I read a book this week too. Eating Animals by Jonathon Safarn Foer. It did make me think that I should become a vegetarian. But I haven’t become one yet. Maybe after Thanksgiving.


3 thoughts on “Knitting.”

  1. I've been thinking of knitting as a new hobby to take a break from Rett. And I also keep telling myself that I will one day take a photography class, in all that extra time!

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