Most of my friends are solidly in the late first or early second decade of their marriages, so I don’t often get the opportunity to go on wedding dress shopping expeditions. Actually, to tell the truth, even when I was going to 4-5 weddings a year, I never did go wedding dress shopping with any of my girl friends. I barely went wedding dress shopping for my own wedding ;). Looking back, if there was one thing I would have changed about my wedding, it would have been to splurge a little more on the dress.

It was nice to take an afternoon off this week and help my recently engaged friend Darcy try on some wedding dresses. This is my favorite one – the one I would have picked if I was getting married again, but it wasn’t Darcy’s #1 choice, so I don’t feel like I’m doing to big reveal on my little blog. (Also, Darcy said it was OK to post).



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