Happy 80th Birthday to Big Brother

I don’t like to celebrate my birthday in public. I prefer to have a quieter dinner among immediate family members. Since I am from the Orient and there are certain things that I wouldn’t, shouldn’t and can’t escape. Therefore, Rena and I, are very happy to attend Rena big brother’s birthday party in Hong Kong. The party was restricted to his family members, long time friends and, 2/3 of them were his company’s managers from mainland China. The total is 146 which, in Chinese pronunciation, means happy (6) all the way (14). Big brother was very happy about this coincident number.

In the party, it had all the stuffs that party had, such as music, professional announcer, two photographers, fine wines, many prizes (grand prize is a red envelop of ~ US450.00) and, regrettably, the shark fin soup. All these managers were on a 4-day Hong Kong tour paid by big brother’s Company, including their regular salary and time spent to get their Hong Kong visa. It was really enjoying your guided tour while getting paid.
Here, there are three pictures to share:
1) Rena and I dressed up in the party
2) Big Brother & sister with their sons and daughters
3) Rena on a big brother Company’s tour.

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