Macao (A Special Admin Zone), Quang Dong, China

Today (1/14/2011, Friday), Mom & I just came back from a 3-day tour to the west side of Quang Dong Province. Pretty interesting, old and new structures coexist in odd settings. But, most people remain what they were before. It probably will take them another generation or two to catch up the modern world. But, surprising, it seems to me that people from Hong Kong are always in a hurry that they seldom yield walkway or seat for seniors 🙂 People in China and Taiwan are doing better in this respect.
Last Monday (1/10/2011), we took a day trip to Macao, China – the Gambling Capital of the World. What we have in Las Vegas, Macao has them also, but much cleaner. It is a very clean place, I think it is cleaner than Hong Kong. The ferry boat was fast but I thought it was quite expensive (~US$20.00 one way). One the way out, it had senior fair. But, when coming back, there was no senior rate available. Couldn’t quite figure out why?
Anyway, there are several pictures to share.
1) The front end of a Portuguese church, built ~400 years ago and it survived after three big fires.
2) Mom in front of a slot machine, quite enjoying herself.
3) & 4) Inside casinos.
5) Macao skyline.

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