Lien Jian (Connecting River), Quang Dong, China

Mom and I joined a Hong Kong tour group to this new, lesser known, tour route. It lasted for 3 days at ~US$100.00 each. The food and hotels were excellent. Our hotels had free, 6 hours unlimited long distance call inside China and, of course, free Internet. The only problems were the heater didn’t work and it was unprecedented cold at this latitude together with smokers almost everywhere. They were unstoppable.
Pictures to share:
1) Chinese rural high rise highway system.
2) with Miao minority youth.
3) rural high school – just couldn’t believe it was housed in this modern building.
4) stone pots – too bad, can’t take one back home.
5) Mom & I, in front of a stone with this Chinese character (ie., pre-destinated relationship?) on it. How true it was and still is.
6) dried meat for human consumption – far left were several field rats and a dried parier dog?
7) two modern buildings among many old ones. Our blue tour bus on its side.

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