Waiting for the bus.


I’m sitting on the stairs waiting for Edda’s bus. The kids have a 2 hour delay this morning because of the 1.5 inches of snow that fell last night. We have a case of the grumps this morning – Ruby puked up a pencil (she’s relearning her puppy antics from Maxi, it has been YEARS since she’s chewed anything), Maxi may have peed on top of the puke, Maxi chewed up my Xmas slippers right in front of Vince who did nothing to stop it (I count him as an accomplice), Edda spit up her seizure meds, Jeremy shoveled the walk and changed out the car’s snow tires. And I tried to work through all this chaos.

Here’s a pic of Maxi pooping in the snow and the subsequent poop bags.



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