King’s cake.


Vince, at the urging of his grandfather, insisted that the Christmas tree not be taken down until the Three King’s Day – which is something I kind of sort of had heard of before and when I researched it, I started understanding the connection of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Twelfth Night, etc. etc. I know, I know, I’m a little religiously-impaired, but I’m making up for it now.

Anyways, Three King’s Day, or Epiphany (which is a name that I love) marks the beginning of Carnival season and to celebrate, I make a King’s Cake in which I hid a baby Jesus. (OK, it wasn’t really baby Jesus, it was a quarter, but next year, it will be a baby Jesus when I have a little more prep time). If you get the slice with the baby Jesus, you will be king for a day! Unfortunately, I made the cake out of bread flour instead of all-purpose, so it turned out a little chewer than expected, but I’ll fix it for next year.

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