Dim sum.

Edda is still running a pretty high fever today – I’m hoping it breaks tonight, but it’s been a struggle to keep her happy all day. I’m typing this in the dark, listening to Edda breathe, Ruby snore and hoping that Vince falls asleep before 8:30, which is not happening.

Six hours before she became feverish, we were at dim sum with the rolling carts! I know that this isn’t particularly exciting for those living in NYC, SF or LA, but I consider finding the rolling cart dim sum in DC to be a super exciting event! My friend, V. has been on the lookout for the carts for months now and I hadn’t been able to find any dim sum carts anywhere in the DC area. But I finally located the elusive dim sum and we ended up gorging ourselves silly.


And it was fabulous, I haven’t had it in years. It was fabulous except for the dessert, which generally is awful. Chinese people are good at preparing meat, not so good at preparing sweets. We tried this rather patriotic jello type dish. We decided it tasted like suntan lotion.


2 thoughts on “Dim sum.”

  1. What is Dim Sum exactly?
    Why is getting on a rolling cart different / special from other ways you get it?
    Are there other ways to get it?

    Us Texans got little to none experience and are very much intrigued.

    Edda needs chicken broth boiled from chicken bones.

  2. Dim sum is kind of a chinese brunch which is really popular in Hong Kong. It's basically chinese tapas, small dishes and you can pick and choose. You can get it also by ordering it from the menu in some places. We will take you to dim sum in Hong Kong some day 🙂

    Yes – Edda needs homemade chicken soup. 🙂

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