Week in review.

I work on a two-week cycle called a biweek. Every two weeks, a computer system does its batch job and calculates how many patents I have processed and sees if I have met my quota for the biweek. My job is a monotonous mountain of paperwork, but I can not tell you how much pleasure I get from starting over with a clean slate at the beginning of each biweek.

At the start of each biweek, I give myself a pep talk and tell myself, this is the biweek where for TWO weeks, everything will run smoothly according to plan and nothing out of the ordinary will happen. This has not happened for many, many biweeks.


Edda has been sick all week. I know she will miss school tomorrow as she still is trying to shake off her fever today (day 4 of the fever). She is chipper now, but earlier in the week, she has been hovering at the 104 F fever mark, which is scary, but it is how Edda typically gets sick. We took her to the doctor and checked for ear/throat issues – I really wish Edda could tell me if her ear or throat hurt or if she has a UTI. It’s, unfortunately, always a big mystery. I want to buy my own ear light thing-y and my own strep tests so I can run them myself at home.


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