I forgot to mention that Little, our developmentally delayed frog, left this world earlier this month and went to the (non-Bisphenol-A contaminated) pond in the sky. Vince was heartbroken and didn’t want to just flush him down the toilet, so he’s in the freezer right now awaiting a spring burial.


It took me a few weeks to clean out the tank and welcome new inhabitants into the aquarium. And they have new digs – the Parthenon. We got four goldfish and there is one that you can already tell in this photo is almost about to join Little in the great big pond in the sky and his corporeal remains are now in the freezer (in the same baggie) as Little.


Maxi has been a great big thorn in my ass. She has a dominate streak that needed to be squelched and we started last week when I regained the alpha position in the household. I am not naturally an alpha, so when it became clear that I needed to be alpha or else Maxi would end up running the house, I had to change my whole personality. Just ask Vince and Jeremy, I was yelling at them for a few days to SIT! STAY! It was not very much fun for any of us. I wanted the submissive puppy, the submissive one! Not the one with a Napoleon complex, because Maxi at 40 lbs is the smallest one of us all.


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  1. This is the sweetest post. RIP sweet Little. But no way in my freezer. They do that in Louisana and then cook'em. Yuck.

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