Bad mood.

I am in a bad mood. Nothing is bad. I’m just in a bad mood.

I have transferred my service from one dumb phone to another dumb phone. I’m wondering how long I can hold out from getting a smart phone.


Maxi is still a pain in my ass. She licked the cream cheese frosting off of this cake while it was sitting in the exact center of the dining room table. I guess she prefers frosting over the actual cake. Jeremy trimmed off the dog slobbered section and saved the rest in a tupperware container. Slightly pink red velvet cake anyone? We have ice cream to go with it. 🙂


One thought on “Bad mood.”

  1. A dumb phone is already a smart phone for me already. I can only use 5% of all the functions that come with a dumb phone.

    All I would like is a phone easy to use, with fewer options, large characters, etc.

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