Eco point trial.

Vincent came downstairs today sniffling and coughing. He complained that he woke up at 2 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Nevertheless, I sent him to school. Is that a terrible thing to do? I told him that if didn’t feel well during the day, he could go to the nurse and I’d pick him up. I didn’t hear from him all day. I hope he sleeps well tonight, or else we are all going down in a ball of flames as the bacteria/virus makes its rounds through the rest of the family. Coinciding perfectly with the wedding on Saturday in which my children are to be picture perfect. I’m imagining grumpiness and snotty noses in professional wedding photos. I’m hoping to avoid this.

My mother-in-law is in town this week, helping me permaculture our backyard. I’ve taken some time off to help her dig, mulch, cardboard and native plant our little plot in suburbia. Here is a photo of a clementis which was planted before we got here.


Vince’s illness did not prevent himself from having a tremendous about of fun after school spraying himself with the new garden hose sprayer we bought from Home Depot.


Edda, our super-trooper, tried out the ECO2 today at school. She did pretty well with the calibration and the selection of songs or videos. Not so much on academic work. But I think it was promising and the best part is that the company is going to loan it to Edda for a month for free and the school system is going to arrange all the logistics and the teachers will work with Edda for a month with it to try and get her to pick something else besides Dora videos. I don’t have to do anything! Except give her kisses and hugs which is really all I want to do. And snuggle too. I learned a long time ago that shouldering too much of the therapy on my own shoulders leads to nothing but tears (for both me and Edda).


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  1. Edda looks gorgeous in theses photos! And so exciting about the ECO2. We just got our Tobii this week (!!) but haven't even had time to set it up yet. Sending you healthy vibes…

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