Our wedding adventure.

We had the best time this weekend at Tony and Natasha’s wedding in Long Island. Edda was a flower girl, Vince was the ring bearer. Vince did not lose the rings. Edda did not lose her cool. Tony and Natasha really know how to throw a party, I had so much fun talking to their parents and relatives and friends! It threatened to rain, but it held off for the outdoor ceremony. I was trying to tell Tony – cloudy days make for great photographs!

Waiting for our turn in the procession:


After the ceremony:


Partying with the groom after the ceremony:


The reception was amazing and we all had a great time. Edda enjoyed dancing more than I expected.


All during the reception, we tried to convince Vince to dance – the dance floor was hopping, with so many people dancing and the DJ was really good. Vince kept begging off, he said he didn’t like to dance with only grown ups. I thought he would never get up on the dance floor – but finally, Fire Burning came on and Vince could not resist, he cleared the dance floor with his moves. It was unbelievable. Someone tipped him $20!


And to top off the evening, guess who caught the bouquet!


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