Labor day party.

In my Sociology 101 class, we’ve been learning about the capitalist and the worker classes.  Marx, Weber, and Durkheim – the three classical sociologists.  Usually I think I’m surrounded by natural scientists who know nothing about the social sciences, but I’ve had conversations with a bunch of people in the last week who have basically fallen over themselves all excited to tell me about the three dead white guys who started the field of sociology.

In the spirit of honoring the worker class, we went out to my friend Andy’s annual Labor Day party.  He is a wonderful man with a knack for the wacky and fun.  In the backyard, he has a pool and trampoline.  Sound pretty OK so far, right?  But wait!  He also has a cotton candy machine, 2 machines cranking out 5 flavors of slushies and 3 working pinball machines.  He is an ebay scounger, craigslist follower and master tinkerer trying to fix all these machines that he finds for bargain basement prices.


Vince ran around and tried all the flavors of slushie and the cotton candy. Edda was a little underwhelmed as you can tell from this photo!


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