We are having a good case of the grumps around here.  Jeremy and I were talking about it last night and he mentioned that the week between our birthdays (the 7th for him, the 14th for me) has always been a bad week for us.  It kind of coincides with the start of the school year, our anniversary, our birthdays, the end of the fiscal year for both of our jobs and – this year in particular – Jeremy is traveling a lot.  I joke a lot that Jeremy’s work travel is his “vacation” because he gets to go to cool places with cool people, but I know that he works a lot on these business trips and they can be very draining on him.  I also know that he misses us and tries to not be away from home more than he needs to be.

Anyways, I mercilessly teased him for MONTHS when I found out he was going to a business trip in Monterey, CA and have a catered dinner in the aquarium! Really, what could be more fabulous than that? Not much really. OK, well maybe being in Monterey with us. Without the work 🙂

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